Bondage Club Ann Arbor

Bondage Club Ann Arbor is an official satellite club of Lochai's Bondage Club Baltimore. Following in a similar tradition, it is an educational experience based on structured class sessions and guided practice, aimed at helping you learn techniques for safe and fun rope bondage. This is intended to be a safe and educational environment for those who are curious about starting their journey in rope bondage.

Bondage Club Ann Arbor also frequently invites world-class guest presenters from around the world to offer special weekend intensive workshops.

More information on regularly scheduled classes and special events can be found in the Bondage Club Ann Arbor FetLife group. A free FetLife account is required.

Conventions and Large Groups

Since 2012, I have presented highly-acclaimed bondage workshops to large classes (some over 60 students!) at special interest conventions such as Shibaricon, Bound in Boston, Dark Odyssey Events, Bondage Expo Dallas and more--many standing-room only. My current class list can be found here. I am also happy to work with you to design a workshop that meets your event's needs.

Private Tuition and Small Groups

Whether you are part of a curious couple, a fetish photographer, a professional dominatrix, or anything in between, one-on-one and small group lessons allow you to focus on the specific skill set you want to develop. Note that most beginner-level private lesson material does not require a practice partner.

Kink University

Check out my work with Kink University, the Internet's newest BDSM educational website, brought to you by


Learn how to build a powerful connection of intimacy with your partner by using a variety of transitions in your rope bondage. This tutorial uses the simplest of rope techniques to create a rope scene, and focuses on context rather than the mechanics of specific ties. With Tifereth as his model, rigger Cannon shows how to use breath, touch, body manipulation, tension, and above all, rope transitions, to create a deeply connective bondage experience. 


Tifereth teaches the essentials of being a dynamic suspension rope bottom. With Cannon as her demo rigger, Tifereth discusses strength training and preparing you body for suspension, safety issues, and choosing your rigger wisely. This tutorial offers fundamental safety training for anyone bottoming in a dynamic rope suspension.